Fish Reef Project Recognized as an NGO by the United Nations

Great news!  The Fish Reef Project has been recognized by the United Nations Seabed Authority as a Permanent Observer and International NGO.

It is a pleasure to be validated by the international community, and we look forward to making many reefs around the globe to benefit low income coastal communities.

Thank you very much for your support,

Chris Goldblatt
Managing Director
Fish Reef Project

Listen to Managing Director’s acceptance speech
at the United Nations Seabed Authority:

Working to aid removal of toxic unexploded bombs from the seafloor

Fish Reef Project is pleased to be working with the United Nations accredited NGO, International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions, to aid their removal efforts by rebuilding effected marine ecosystems impacted by the bomb removal process or damage from the unexploded bombs themselves.

Mankind has dumped or fired off millions of tons of munitions that now leak toxins into the marine ecosystem, which can harm both humans and marine life health significantly. Removing unexploded bombs is a critical and massive job that requires significant resources to undertake.

For more information, see the International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM)

Also, here is a 16 minute TED Talk about this issue:
Pick Up The Bomb: James Porter at TEDxUGA