“The most significant environmental restoration effort made in the California marine environment in our lifetime.”

-Santa Barbara County Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Coastlines

are breathtaking and provide simple pleasures and memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re a surfer looking to catch your next big wave, a family wanting to spend the day splashing in the water at the shoreline, or a group of friends planning a relaxing beach day at your local beach soaking up the sun, California has you covered. The beach is not only an important park attraction, as it also serves significant biological and mechanical purposes. These beaches act as a refuge for shore birds and upper inter-tidal organisms, and even as a spawning ground for California grunions.

Unfortunately,  El Niño related storms and water conditions  have had a devastating impact on some of our kelp beds and beaches.

What Efforts Can Be Done To Help Help Restore Our Kelp Beds?

Kelp removes 60 times more carbon than trees while reducing ocean acid levels within the kelp forest.

Fish Reef Projects is adding offshore reefs systems that will be the basis for restoring our historic kelp beds and related ecosystem.

California Reef Projects

  • Proposed Study Reef

  • Fish Reef Project is working to restore the lost Historic 220 acre Goleta Kelp Bed.

  • In 1972, the Goleta kelp beds were thriving…

  • 1983‘s El Niño destroyed Goleta’s kelp beds, and has never recovered.

  • California Kelp Reef Project

  • Estimated Deployment: 2020

  • Location

    Southern California ~45 feet underwater

  • Goals

    Stated goals of the proposed five year study:

    • Determine best spacing of materials
    • Determine best materials to re-establish the Goleta kelp bed
    • Study comparison of quarry rock vs designed materials
    • Determine if reefs recruit abalone, lobster, fin fish
    • Determine best biomass
    • Metrics to use moving ahead

  • Proposed Reef Layout

  • Summerland Beach is one of the best beaches in the Santa Barbara area and needs protection from erosion as well as pollution. FRP offers this solution.

    Goleta Beach July 2018
  • Summerland Pipeline Extension

  • Estimated Deployment: 2020

  • Location

    Summerland, CA

    Extend Existing Sewage Outfall Pipeline

  • Goals

    FRP has put forth a proposal that will extend the Summerland sewage outfall pipeline from 300 feet to one mile offshore, thus improving local ocean water quality dramatically.

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