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The Fish Reef project is a multigenerational ocean enhancement and restoration project that may some day span the entire globe. Anyone who cares about the long term health of our ocean and would like to create a permanent lasting life-giving legacy for themselves, their families or their institutions should step up and be part of this. Everyone is welcome. All donations are tax deductible.

Sponsor A Fish Reef

Donors of $50 or more will become members of the the Fish Reef Society. You will receive a t-shirt, flyers and a bumper sticker to share your support in our mission to “Help Ocean Life Thrive™”

  • Brass Plaque Sponsor
  • $10,000
  • A brass plaque will be attached to a Fish Reef Dome with words of your choice.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Outreach Program

One of the most important part of making an impact, is spreading the word! Fill out the form below and we will send you materials to help you get the word out.


As we get ready to build a new Fish Reef, we will need help in the construction of the new Fish Reef Units! Fill out the form below and we will let you know when and where you can help.

Volunteer Form

Thank You For Going Above & Beyond To Show Your Support

Curtin Maritime

Curtin Maritime

In Kind Donor $400K

Curtin Marine donated (for deployment) the use of an ABS Load lined Deck Barge - 2000 TONS to the FRP. This is a crucial element in installing the Fish Reef balls on site.

Captain Bacon and Wave Walker Charters

Captain Bacon and Wave Walker Charters

Captain, Location Scout

Captain Bacon and Wave Walker Charters has generously provided vessel and skipper for multiple days at sea. Dozens of recon dives were executed searching for the perfect spot to place the Santa Barbara Fish Reef.

Matson Foundation

Matson Foundation

Generously Supports Hawaii Fish Reef Project

Being a Hawaii-based corporation which has served the Islands for over 130 years, most of their giving was directed to this state. In total, Matson has generated over 1,000 environmental clean-up projects in Hawaii and contributed over $1 million to Hawaii’s charities, including the Hawaii Fish Reef Project by donating $5,000 annually.

Pat Fish

Pat Fish

Tattoo Artist

To show her support, Pat Fish tattooed this beautiful Reef Ball tattoo onto Chris Goldblatt, the Founder of FRP.


PotentSea, Needleman Family, Kelly Meyer, Film Producer (Anonymous), Santa Monica Seafood and Fish Wise, Fisheries PhD Dr. Robert Abbot, Ricky Schroder (Actor, Angler & Ocean Conservationist), and Pat Fish.

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